Keeping Austin Weird

I wish we could all live by this mantra! Having never been, I had some expectations traveling to Texas. Stereotypes: 1. everyone will be wearing cowboy boots, 2. warm fall weather, 3. southern accents….. all proven WRONG! This trip was extra special, visiting a high school friend along with another friend and all our mothers, a reunion of 20+ year old friendships. So really anything … Continue reading Keeping Austin Weird

Netflix Originals Addict

Hi my name is Amanda, and I am a Netflix Original Series addict. It’s true. I am obsessed. No, an addict, of Netflix. But not just all of Netflix, specifically, the original series that Netflix has started to produce. It’s not a problem, but needs to be addressed. Here’s the thing. This wouldn’t have even become a blog post if Netflix wasn’t so considerate…They created a … Continue reading Netflix Originals Addict