Shoes speak louder than words 

I am totally guilty of making shoe contact sometimes before eye contact… it’s just naturally where my eyes are drawn. I like shoes just as much as the next gal but recently, I’ve REALLY been into the sneaker trend. And not just the athletic kind, but the trendy kind like velvet and metallic details. I know what you’re thinking… how practical can those types of … Continue reading Shoes speak louder than words 

FabFitFun: Winter 2016 EDITION

THIS IS MY YEAR “2017. It’s yours. Go on an adventure. Discover new things. Live your wildest dreams. You have nothing to lose but yourself. Say it with us: This is your year.” – FabFitFun It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’m not referring to the holiday season, especially since it has passed already, but really, I mean it when THIS is the … Continue reading FabFitFun: Winter 2016 EDITION

Spring Cleaning!

I think winter truly brings the “blues.” I know it does for me. Winter is a tough season to enjoy, but fashion allows positive thinking between the sweaters, boots, and snow gear. There’s bound to be some happy thoughts right…WELL it’s about time we don’t have to fake the smiles and positivity because…. IT’S OFFICIALLY SPRING. @!#@#$%$^ yes!!! I’m pretty excited about it!! Fashion is one … Continue reading Spring Cleaning!