Oh. Em. Gee. My sister is prego!!!!!

I am writing this post about seven months prior to you reading this, as tonight is the evening that my sister called to share the amazing news!!!! I wanted my emotions to just spill out onto this page and be as fresh as can be to share with y’all!

Wow. This is such a milestone for my family. I can’t even tell you the amount of times we have talked out this non-existent baby. Today marks one of the best days of my life.

It is such an indescribable feeling, knowing that you no longer are kids growing up, but you are now sharing these unforgettable moments together, as sisters. I remember like it was yesterday, her now husband, telling me that he was going to purpose, back in July of 2014….10996793_10155385347220647_7231556735574477906_n


October 24, 2015, they were married, and standing right beside her, only brought tears of joy, never thinking any moment would be so mixed with emotions…. I was wrong.

Now expecting their first child and me finally becoming Aunty Mandy this coming September, I think I can say that this will be my favorite year.

I wanted to collect these emotions running through me to always be able to cherish this day, this moment in time, and to always be able to look back and remember.

Here are my 4 emotions I had when I found out my sister is pregnant:


This was the most pure feeling of happiness I think I’ve ever felt from a phone call. I felt an instant warm feeling in my heart of pure joy. Everything stopped, and in that moment I realized that this is what life’s all about. My sister is going to be a MOM and I cannot wait to watch her grow as a person with her new tittle!!


Yup, my mind went there. Like how did this happen? Well duh, I know that… When did this happen? I don’t think I want to know that… and certainly not where it happened, but the fact it is happening and NOW is just craziness!!!


I literally googled “what can I do for my sister while she’s pregnant.” I want to be able to help in any way possible. Whether it’s going to appointments, maternity shopping (can’t freakin’ wait), or eating weird cravings with her, I want to be there for her. Help her make her life a little less stressful and overwhelming.


I’m happy for my sister and her husband. I’m happy for my parents, who have been waiting for this moment since I think they had her. And I’m just happy that we are a growing and healthy family that have such blessings to have this happen. It truly is a blessing, bringing a life into the world. It’s a tad more special when it’s your family that gets to grow and I can now say I am going to be an aunt!!!

I am so incredibly happy for my sister, her husband and our families, I am smiling cheek to cheek as I write this.


Amanda Rae

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