I am totally guilty of making shoe contact sometimes before eye contact… it’s just naturally where my eyes are drawn.

I like shoes just as much as the next gal but recently, I’ve REALLY been into the sneaker trend. And not just the athletic kind, but the trendy kind like velvet and metallic details. I know what you’re thinking… how practical can those types of sneakers really be? Believe it or not, I’ve been shocked myself how much I’ve been wearing them! You just gotta get creative, and force those style juices to help you.

I will start with the Sam Edelman Marlow Velvet Sneaker. Right now these are out of stock on their site, but I’ve seen these pretty ladies in other colors on other sites like Nordstrom! Love this mauve color and of course the velvet with ribbon laces. What a combo.


My other two awesome finds this season are both Steve Madden (he’s my boy). See below 🙂

Steve Madden’s daughter, him and me! (not sure where the camera was here clearly…)

Here is the Steve Madden Lancer Sneaker. I’ll always remember buying these as this was the purchase I made the day I met Steve. His business/design partner was walking around, talking to customers to see what we were buying. He sold me on this pair and I wish I could thank him! These are such great sneakers, both comfortable and trendy af.


Last but not least, the Steve Madden Sabrina Sneaker. Not finding this one on their site anymore as well, I found it being sold on Zulily, yay for discounts, #yourwelcome. Something about a white sneaker that just screams GET ME DIRTY, so this has been a challenge to myself, BUT what is great is the metallic detailing such as the side zipper (has no purpose at all) and big stars on the back side. IN LOVE.


What are your go-to shoes this season? I’d love to know! Like and leave some comments below 🙂

Until next time ❤

Amanda Rae


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