Let’s Talk About Nails

I’m back fashion lovers:0 Missed y’all<3

I don’t know how else to express my excitement! I admit, I sort of left everyone in the dark, but I had my reasons! I am back with a great new job, a fabulous new apartment, and a whole lot of fresh ideas for my fashionistas out there!



I’ve been contemplating on how to re-approach my blog, my brand, and how I want to portray to the blogging world again. I have gone through many ideas, but honestly… I just want to be…. me. I want to share things I am passionate about, not abide by “the rules of blogging.” This was never to become a job or an assignment, but to be able to have an outlet to express my identity, my fashion identity. It’s who I am, and always will be.

Everyone’s got their quirks, and I am no different. That’s why I decided, who cares what all the other bloggers out there are doing?? Why should I have to follow them? I want to enforce what I believe in, what I think works for people like me, and be REAL. That’s who I am. I am a REAL woman, with REAL problems, just living the life of a 24 year old, working in NYC, and trying to make it on my own in this world as myself.

So that’s exactly what I am going to do. I am going to blog about the things I care about. I am going to share stories, and maybe write a few memoirs, but I really just want to put what I’ve got out there, and if there is a following for it, so be it!

I know I share many common goals and dreams with people like myself, why not believe that that’s good enough to talk about and write about?! It’s about time to read something REAL.

With that being said…. no more of the long blog posts, or schedules, or social media buzz words. I’m going to do it how I think it should go!

On that note… let’s talk about nails!!!!

Yay, my most favorite part of being a woman, is getting a fresh mani/pedi. I know what you are thinking… I just said I am a 24 year old, trying to make it in this world, who do I think I am, thinking I can afford this “luxury?” You’re damn right I can’t! It’s probably the last thing on my priorities list (right at the moment) but what can I say? I can dream… or I can tell you that I have found what is worth getting at these nail salons, worth the $12.00. YES, only $12.00 and it was at a good and clean nail salon, imagine that!



Ever hear of Gel Couture? Me neither, until I looked up what exactly this polish is. Essie, the nail company, produced this new and improved nail gel that actually doesn’t ruin your nails! Unlike those gel nail polishes that Essie does make and others, such as O.P.I., this requires NO UV lights, and pretty much does last up to 14 days. This is a regular manicure, with a $2.00 up-charge for being a “special” polish. At last, something not breaking the bank, but good enough for the phalanges, lol.

I have to say, I have been impressed… so if you didn’t know, now you know!

Most salons I have been do (which have been many) are now carrying these polishes. It’s just really simple and cheaper than the UV Gel polishes. I still look like I have a fresh mani and I got my nails done almost a week and a half ago!

My favorite color so far has been the Beauty Marked shade, which is like an apple/berry red on the nail. Loving it!!



This polish is two-steps, like any other regular manicure, but the secret is the top coat that goes along with this specific polish. It acts as a gel top coat, and seals the polish down, just like the UV gel, but with no light!

The polish can last up to 14 days with an instant gel-like shine 🙂 This Gel Couture is available in 54 nail polish shades as of right now, So what are you waiting for?!


I am so excited to get back into writing and sharing with y’all my passions, goals, advise, and opinions. I want to thank my sister for reminding me what’s important to me and to never stop doing what makes us whole!

Remember, my closet’s always open, so feel free to browse 🙂


Comment, share, and like this post so I know you want to see more posts like this one!

Until next time, xoxo – Rae




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