FabFitFun Winter 2016


“2017. It’s yours. Go on an adventure. Discover new things. Live your wildest dreams. You have nothing to lose but yourself. Say it with us: This is your year.” – FabFitFun


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’m not referring to the holiday season, especially since it has passed already, but really, I mean it when THIS is the best time of the year. I think this is the best time to focus on yourself. Yes, it is the beginning of a new year, and most do stop and reflect, BUT I truly believe that the start of January allows for a fresh start or outlook on a specific thing or situation. First off, its bitter cold here on the east coast so what else are you doing the month of January?! Second, this allows you to have a time frame of lets say a “deadline” or a “goal” for the full 12 months of the year.

Now, receiving the FabFitFun Winter 2016 Edition box just happened to come at a PERFECT time because they really included some amazing products in this box!! I am so happy with what was given and I really do use everything which is even better news.

I just wanted to point out before giving my full review on each product… I love the little magazine provided in the box! They are awesome little reads that I’m sure take a while to create, produce, and print, and most probably ignore once the box is opened but I enjoy reading it. This box, the Winter 2016 Edition, included, like always, an Editors Note, a fully detailed list of what is in the actual box, what charity they are supporting this season, 100 New Year’s Resolutions (You Can Actually Keep), a DIY wrapping paper picture tutorial, Your New Year’s Eve Survival Kit, a Q & A article of the brand Moleskine Founder Maria Sebregondi, and ideas on how to photograph your box like a PRO. I mean come on… That is A LOT of thought put into this and I feel like it does not get enough credit, so I am giving it just that!!!


Okay on to the reviews 🙂

Below you will see the list of all the fabulous products from this seasons box! The best part is the amount of money the box is worth and knowing what you paid… insane!


D.L. & CO CANDLE Bergamot Woods In Silver: What was amazing about this particular box which I forgot to add above is the detail that went into their customer service. The company reached out to me via e-mail about two weeks prior to receiving my box to ask which scent I’d prefer to receive. Between the two options, I didn’t have a preference so I chose the option “Surprise Me!” I received the Bergamot Wood scent and I kid you not, it is lit and burning down as I type this blog post!! It is heavenly and I absolutely love the wood scent. It is not too strong but gives the whole room a clean, refreshing smell. I LOVE candles and really enjoy burning them down (a little too quickly) but I always have a candle ready to go in my bedroom. Not only is it in a pretty glass holder, but it’s a nice size candle that will most likely last a while for most, not for me of course, but I’ll just have to get another one soon! I may even use their tip and reuse the holder afterwards.


GORGJANA NECKLACE Taner Toggle Lariat In Gold: A great accessory to give your outfit the last detail for the day or night. This fragile gold toggle necklace is a great piece I wore a few weeks ago with a low-cut black top out to dinner. I love the toggle style so that you can change the length and look of the necklace. It can be worn long and look like a choker (which is how I wore it) or you can leave it in the middle and have it hang like a longer necklace and even add other necklaces with it for a layering effect. I think this is a great gift to give someone because it is so basic yet beautiful! Again, this was another item that was e-mailed to me prior to receiving the box to ask which one I’d prefer and again, I chose “Surprise Me!”


MARIE MAE COMPANY Thank You Card Set: These are so adorable and festive, I already used some for thank you notes for receiving some birthday presents! They are blank cards that say CHEERS on them, perfect for this time of year. Who doesn’t need pretty thank you notes? And something you’d never think to buy yourself…


MOLESKINE 2017 Weekly Planner: Of course this is already in my bag with doctors and nail appointments in them… A planner was a brilliant product to put in this box. Can I just say, I love the detail that goes into these boxes and the kinds of products chosen for the specific time of the year. Maybe this is why they are so successful? They meet the consumers needs at the perfect time; just saying! This was yet another and last product they e-mailed about asking for color preference. Guess what I chose?! “Surprise Me!”


BUTTER LONDON Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara: This mascara might have just met all of my criteria for good mascara…. I mean I have been using it the past two weeks and I use it with my forever favorite mascara, and I will say they do make a great team 😉 I LOVE the brush on this particular wand though. I think this is what makes it so different and awesome. It is one size all the way down until the very tip of the wand. There is a ball at the end that allows you to really lengthen the ends of the lashes for a fuller look! This one mixed with my other one… my lashes have never looked so good!


O.R.G. SKINCARE Mineral Peel Face: The fact that this is the ONLY product I have yet to use since getting the box, but Jojo Fletcher from ABC’s The Bachelorette, has Snap-chatted this being one of her favorites from this box. This saddens me for not trying it yet, but I plan to soon. I need to do it when I have the time to really try it and see the results the following day. But for now, I will just say that I am excited to try it and knowing that others enjoy it is even more of an incentive!


ANDERSON LILLEY Beach Butter Body Cream Sicilian Tangerine: I was not given the option of scents for this one but I do love Tangerine so this worked out! This body butter has really made my skin oh so soft and has help A LOT with some dried skin I’ve been suffering with this winter (not cute) but this has made it so much more bearable.


So that wraps up the Winter 2016 Edition box. For those who have not yet signed up for a FabFitFun subscription, you are missing out on these great, amazing products at an even more amazing deal/price! I am all about saving in any way you can and this totally does that for some great new products received four times a year. For those who got this box, enjoy all of this amazingness!!!

One more thing……

“New Year, new goals! Keeping our New Year’s resolution is harder than pulling away from a good Netflix binge. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 100 resolutions that are so good, you’ll actually want to keep them.” – FabFitFun

In the mini magazine given, the 100 New Year’s Resolutions (You Can Actually Keep) has been floating around in my brain ever since two weeks ago when I first read them all. So I feel the need to share some in hopes of giving y’all some insight and ideas on what maybe you want to achieve, change, improve, etc!

My Top 10 New Year’s Resolution FabFitFun Style

  1. Shop at more small businesses
  2. Avoid fast food restaurants
  3. Start a passion project
  4. Floss. Every. Single. Day
  5. Stick to your personal budget
  6. Do one spontaneous thing a month
  7. Read a new book each month
  8. Go an entire day without checking the time
  9. Learn at least one new thing a day
  10. Fall in love with more things

What are your top resolutions for 2017? Maybe you’re still figuring them out? The point is to figure out what is important to you, and try your best to fulfill whatever you want or need in your life! It’s about you. This year is about you so embrace it, don’t fear it, and just love it!

Thanks for reading! Leave any comments or questions, I love hearing them!


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