FabFitFun Fall 2016



Can I just say… a FabFitFun subscription was probably one of the best gifts I was given. Maybe because it was a surprise sent by my man crush… BUT STILL, one of the best gifts I could have received!!


If you don’t know what FabFitFun is, I’m glad to share this with you then! It’s a very cool, kind of concept; so you all should sign up.. just sayin’…

At first, I recalled this concept kind of like the Birch Box, and if you still don’t know what I’m talking about, than you are not as beauty savvy as you may think!!

PLEASE click the two links above and do some research ladies because you need some beauty subscriptions in your lives!!! I recommend both companies but I am currently subscribed to only the one, so I will be going over the awesome FabFitFun box for the Fall 2016 season!



First, if you are really hesitant about signing up for one of these, then I can at least explain the concept: “Every 3 months, the FabFitFun members receive their new seasonal gift box filled with the new most fab items, hand-picked by the FabFitFun Team! With a FabFitFun membership, every season you’ll get a box full of uh-mazing new products for only $49.99 four times a year. Indulge in fashion finds, glam beauty secrets, and fab fitness gear guaranteed to make you feel like a VIP all year long.” – FabFitFun website

Three Insights:


    Indulge in full-size, premium products in every box.


    VIP features a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products that help you feel good from the inside out.


    Don’t just get FabFitFun, BE FabFitFun! Get effective tips and tricks to kick start your happy and get more out of life.

Want to know what’s in the Fall box?? Let’s Go!


SPONGELLE Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer: The sponge-like loofah is an awesome concept! I’ll let you in on one of my many beauty/skin secrets… I use a loofah every single time I take a shower. I truly believe in them and I think they make your skin oh so soft and really take off all dry skin, especially during the winter months! So this was surprisingly useful. Before this, I would put my body wash on a loofah and use it that way, but with the Spongelle, there’s one less step, and it smells AMAZING! It is a body wash infused buffer that cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, and massages all at once! So for those really quick showers you are rushing to take, this will still allow your body to feel silky soft and clean!

PURE COSMETICS Nude Collection Eye Shadow Palette: When I first opened my box and was quickly looking through all the goodies, I could have sworn that this was a NAKED 2 pallet by Urban Decay. The packaging is almost identical, and the eye shadows are very similar shades. But the names of the shadows differ and the pigmentation is different in terms of intensity and color. Personally, I have tried the Pure Cosmetics and it seems to do the job, but because I own the other pallet, I prefer the Urban Decay version.


TOESOX Toeless Fitness Socks: At first I was like wait… what? But then I kind of understood the reasoning of the Toesox, or should I say toe-less socks. These bad boys are supposed to be used during a yoga class, or a mat workout. They are to prevent from slipping on a surface used while being active. Your toes act as another form of padding, in addition to the grips on the bottoms of these socks. Pretty cool, and honestly, I will totally be using these when I get pedicures in the dead of winter 🙂

SKIN LAUNDRY Night Serum: This restoring night serum is a great way to prevent from your skin aging. Particularly used for your nightly routine, this pump bottled serum is full of antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to help reduce any signs of aging. It is recommended to apply to the face and neck areas after cleansing and before moisturizing at night. I love serums and I even think they are better than some moisturizers. This happens to be a really light, soft serum that feels amazing on the skin, right before your beauty sleep!!

MODCLOTH Loch and Key Scarf: Who doesn’t love a plaid scarf for fall?? Well this one happens to be so comfortable and great quality! FabFitFun actually provides a HOW-TO to wear this scarf, which is so helpful. What makes this scarf awesome is that it feels like you’re wearing a blanket on your neck, and I’m not even being dramatic! It seriously is that comfy and it goes with most of my fall wardrobe so there will never an issue pairing it with anything in my closet.

MULLEIN & SPARROW Mini French Lavender Body Oil: Amazing stuff if you have dry skin!! For the best results, apply to damp skin, and directly after showering, whether in the morning or night. This can act as a moisturizer before applying the actual moisturizer and also for a self-massage for needed areas. It smells divine if you love lavender and it really is soothing on the skin.

THE CREATED CO. To-Go Coffee Mug: Another necessity for the fall season. A mug is a mug is a mug… Yes, but this one has… yeah I got nothing. It really is just a mug like any other one you may own for a hot/cold beverage. But this one does have some nice morning motivation and it’s pretty!

Some extras included in this seasons box:

NATURE COLORING BOOK Illustrate & Meditate + PENCILS OF PROMISE (POP) Colored Pencils: I think the meaning behind these two ‘extras’ was to go along with the theme of the box for this season, “Color Me Inside & Out #FABFITFUN.” These adult coloring books are very trendy these days… and the colored pencils comes from a for-purpose organization founded in 2008 with the goal of increasing access to quality education for children in the developing world. To learn more, visit https://pencilsofpromise.org/ .

THE BROWGEL By Tonya Crooks: This is one of the best tools for your brow game to be strong, and boy does this gel do justice! Just a tip, make sure you use it after you use your brow pencil!!!

SECRET OUTLAST Clear Gel Deodorant: This little guy made its way into this seasons box! I have never actually used a gel deodorant so this gave me the excuse to try it. I gotta say, it felt a bit wet once you applied it and closed your arm… not an awesome feeling, but it does the job if need be. Maybe i’ll keep this in my car for ‘oops I forgot to put on deodorant’ days .

COTTENELLE Flush-able Cleansing Cloths with Cleanripple Texture: Interestingly enough, these are actually for the purpose of being commando at the gym! They will leave you feeling so clean that you wont need to worry about bunched up undies while getting your squat on 🙂 I actually like these for that exact reason. Who would have thought these would come in handy?!!


Now that you have the exclusive on the Fall box, who’s signing up?? This is a great way to test products you maybe never heard of or would not have bought on your own, but now that you’ve tried them you can either go ahead and continue using them or just enjoy the ones you’ve received. It’s that simple!

I hope this was helpful in any way so feel free to leave a comment, or if you have any questions about the products listed, just give me a shout! Thanks for reading 🙂





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