Reflect The Journey

Wow, Israel, Wow.

The only way to describe the utmost opportunity one could have.

I traveled to one of the most controversial countries in today’s world and only brought back the most happiest memories and lifetime experiences to share!

To be honest, I was a nervous wreck for this trip. Talk about being out of your comfort zone…The amount of physical activity I knew this trip would bring upon me, I could not have planned for anymore than I did. My three take-away’s:

  1. I have never sweated so much in my life than I did the 10 days through Israel
  2. Never experienced food deprivation before (a bit dramatic, but let’s just say too much Israeli food = lost 5 lbs…)
  3. Would never have thought I’d come home with 40+ new friends who live cross country and in Israel!

Needless to say, my trip was AMAZING!! I never could have imagined such a trip even in my dreams. It was not what I was expecting. It was so much more and I can only say how badly I want to visit this beautiful country again and again.

Between the 10 days exploring Israel, there was so much to see and not enough time. I would have loved to have spent more time in the amazing city Tel Aviv, but I got to explore so many other parts of the country. I plan to go back someday though to the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean:)

The people I was lucky to be with throughout the entire journey and now call some of my closest friends, is probably the best part the whole trip! We also had the awesome experience traveling with a group of eight Israeli soldiers which completely changed the trips environment for the better! We got to see Israel through their eyes which was amazing. Meeting these soldiers showed us how much they love their country and want to fight for it. They also showed how much they love us American girls 🙂 But honestly, it was such a different yet rewarding opportunity to meet these soldiers and also have them as long time friends!

There are not enough words to describe what we did each day as a group so I figured I’d leave you with this: here is the trip’s itinerary as well as a few of the MILLION photos from my journey. I hope you consider visiting this beautiful country one day! ENJOY :0




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