The Journey Awaits

“Life is a journey; you never know what may be your next destination.” David Russell

I have taken on a once in a lifetime experience. For the next 10 days, I will be traveling through Israel. I’ll be exploring the holy grounds of many in which call it the “holy land.” From museums, memorials, monumental places, rafting down the Jordan River, camel riding in the desert, and floating in the dead sea, I’ll get to see and experience things I never thought I would have the opportunity to do. It is my duty, being of the Jewish faith, to take on such a trip, called Birthright, and take advantage of a free pass through the holy grounds, seeing a whole side of the world like never before.

I am so BEYOND excited. I have been preparing and planning for months now and I can’t believe I leave tomorrow!!!



The planning process has been one heck of a thrill. Between applying, filling out paper work, and connecting with tour guides, it’s a huge, almost two week expedition that I only get to do once in my life. If you are interested in reading more about Birthright, you can read all about it here.

Packing has been an even more interesting process. The organization you choose to go through while on Birthright provides you with much information, including a packing list. There are many people who have gone that have told me what to bring and not bring. So between the packing lists, words of wisdom from others, and my own personal taste, I have spent the past two weeks packing…I am so exhausted that I can’t wait for the 10.5 hours on the plane tomorrow… said no one ever. I’m not much of an airplane lover but how else do you expect to explore other parts of the world?! No choice!

So I thought the night before I left, I’d share some insight on my packing process and some tips on how to pack for an extended period of time.


A tad overwhelmed!

With the help of my mother of course, I was able to pack everything I could ever need and want all under 45lbs! Go me 🙂 From toiletries to accessories, the main goal is planning out exactly what you will need for each day, depending on what kind of activities you will be doing, and what you absolutely cannot live without while doing so! My main concerns for this trip were comfort, lightweight (extremely hot in Israel), and having enough for day time/night time. Also, packing the suitcase is also a major set-back for people that don’t travel often. I received a great suggestion from my brother-in-law’s mother (thanks Beth) suggesting to roll up EVERY piece of clothing put into the suitcase to create more room, plus nothing will wrinkle 😉


Roll all of your clothes to allow more room + no wrinkled clothing!

Next, I had to figure out all the toiletries needed for this kind of trip. Everything from your normal things like toothpaste and toothbrush, to band aids and Advil. You always have to be prepared. I myself can be a bit of a worrier so I always like having my “just in case” things.


The craziness of having everything you could possibly need!


My little helper 🙂

After, I had to weigh the suitcase, which is really the easiest but most stressful part! Every airline I’ve flown with, majority of them have a 50 pound limit to suitcases. I was stressing out that I  would be way over, but I got very lucky! You really need to make sure you have everything necessary and than once you weigh, you add in things that are wants. For me, it was another pair of shoes (of course).


*TIP* Always include something on your suitcase so that you can tell which ones yours once at the airport! (Black is the most common colored suitcase).

So after packing my suitcase and being comfortable with what I packed, I then had to pack the backpack I am bringing as my carry-on and for the entire adventures. This was easy to fill. Ipad, check. Magazines, check. Snacks… CHECK! See, easy peesy 🙂


Ready to go!

Well I have done all I can do. I have prepared, researched, and now packed everything I will need for my 10 day journey! Now, I just wanted to share that due to the lack of social communication during these next 10 days, I will most likely be MIA…. which means no #OOTD 😦 BUT that also means I will have A MILLION pictures to post once I’m back in the states, just in time to celebrate America’s birthday!!!

So for all my followers, I apologize, but also am so excited to get some great material to share once I’m back! Expect a major reflection post in a month or so! I will collect so many memories, experiences, and pictures to hopefully last a lifetime 🙂

Thanks for reading and I hope you can wait the 10 days to see what fabulous moments I’ll be capturing for ya’ll!!!



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