Spring Cleaning

I think winter truly brings the “blues.” I know it does for me. Winter is a tough season to enjoy, but fashion allows positive thinking between the sweaters, boots, and snow gear. There’s bound to be some happy thoughts right…WELL it’s about time we don’t have to fake the smiles and positivity because…. IT’S OFFICIALLY SPRING. @!#@#$%$^ yes!!! I’m pretty excited about it!!

Fashion is one of the few things people can control. To see others enjoy it as much as me, makes me smile real big 🙂 Spring is one of those common times in the year where people seem to be happier. I’d like to think it all has to do with blouses and ballet flats, but that’s because my head is in the fashion clouds 24/7.

All those clothes you’ve been buying to wear, can finally be worn, and that closet of yours, can finally be sorted. Now I may be a little OCD when it comes to organizing, especially my own things, BUT, it is so important as a fashion maven to stay organized transitioning into the next season. It allows you to see what you didn’t wear this past season, as well as what you are dealing with this current season. What fits, doesn’t fit, wear quality, and simply, yay or nay… This is the best part of organizing a closet. It gives you the opportunity to pull out everything you own, sort through, make piles, try on, and then put back into closet accordingly. This is like my seasonal sport! You should sweat, cry, take a break, and then sweat some more. If you know you are going to do this as every season changes, you will mentally prepare yourself beforehand. I designated this past Saturday as my “Spring Cleaning” day. I spent the entire morning/afternoon cleaning and organizing my wardrobes. That is plural for the fact that you should organize yourself with your clothes between fall/winter and spring/summer attire.

Since I’ve been organizing like this since college forced me to always only pack two seasons as a time, I started my Saturday with my closet and transitioning it from winter to spring. I am going to go through steps in how to do this the way that has worked for me and others as I have shared my secrets 🙂 Again, this is the easiest way I have found and many people might have another way to do it but I think it will be easy to see the break-down from start to finish with the tips and knowledge I give along the way! So are you ready to start organizing your closet or what!!?

Tip #1: Accept that cleaning and organizing a closet may take an entire day’s worth so plan accordingly.

Tip #2: Have garbage bags and giveaway bags at your side for organizing purposes.

Step #1:

Pick the biggest part of your closet you know will take the longest and start pulling out everything in that section. For me, this is ALWAYS my shoes… Every season, by the time it’s the next one, I can’t find half of my shoes and don’t even know if I like half of them anymore. This is always a tough part in knowing what to keep, giveaway, or throw out. The two biggest factors, for me, is if they have gone through their “worn out” stage or if they aren’t comfortable anymore. These shoes are for the garbage bag. Don’t be a hoarder, especially of smelly old shoes. If your shoes have not been touched after that one time wearing them a month ago, chances are, they were not comfortable and not worth the space taken in your closet. Put these kind of shoes in the giveaway bag and let someone else in need enjoy them! If they are perfectly fine, get a laundry basket or some type of bucket, and put the 100% shoes you want to keep inside there and just keep piling it up until your shoe section is completely emptied.

Now go get your spring/summer shoes, organize those by season, which unless it becomes 80 degrees in the next week, all open-toed shoes should not be inside your closet until the first day of summer (June 20th). Organize by the kind of shoe and make nice piles or however you place your shoes in your closet, (Exhibit A). (Tip #3All closets are designed differently, so use my tips/steps and adjust according to your set-up, exhibit A, see below).


Step #2:

Now that all of your shoes are perfectly in place, take a step back and look at what the second most chaotic part of your closet is, and rip it all out! This for me was my dress section of my closet. I had to take out all of my fall/winter dresses, change their hangers to plastic ones vs. the velvet ones, which give clothes more room in a smaller space. I then took my spring/summer dresses and put those on the velvet hangers, and organized them by which I would wear now and then transitioning into summer. This was a quicker section but changing the hangers was a big one for me since the spacing is so small in my closet where I keep them. I now know I have enough dresses this season to attend several weddings, BBQ’s and family parties 🙂

Tip #5: Get rid of any dresses that have shrunk over time and can’t last another season. The worst thing is wearing a dress that is pilled, too short, and old. Add some rompers to your spring/summer wardrobe this year! Easily worn, comfortable, and totally on trend.



Step #3:

So now that you feel less stressed because your shoes and dresses are in order, time to get down to some serious business…aka your bottoms :0 Take out all of your pants, including sweats, leggings, jeans, and whatever else you wear on your bottom half during fall/winter. Go through and see what was worn and what wasn’t. Determine what goes into the garbage bag, giveaway bag, or 100% keep pile. Fold these and put away somewhere for fall 2016. Now do the same for your current spring/summer bottoms. Obviously shorts are not a necessity at the moment but keep them nearby, see tip #6! Shorts can be shown earlier than sandals believe it or not. After you’ve gone through and made all your categories of what is what, place them accordingly into your closet neatly and in an orderly fashion, no pun intended! All the jeans together, cotton pants or what I call “party pants,” shorts, etc.

Tip #6: Shorts can be worn as early as the weather gets warm. Sandals are associated with the summer months, whereas rules have been accepted and that shorts are now acceptable with long sleeve blouses and duster cardigans as early as April. Also, a great way to elongate your legs is by wearing shorts with a heel or wedge; my favorite look! 



Step #4:

It’s top time!!!! Nothing like new tops for the new season! Switch out those heavy sweaters and move in the lace! Tops are an essential part of picking out an outfit each day and quite frankly, I think that the top is the most important part of an outfit. What I do, is I organize by season first of course. I also hang every shirt I own. So the top part of my closet hangs the current tops I will wear during spring, and the bottom part, hangs the more summer-like tops/tanks. I keep it all in the same section though because of course things can be used for layering or if it’s warmer one day and a tank with boyfriend jeans is calling your name, so be it! It should all make sense to you, though, in your own closet. I then categorize them by color and by type. (Tip #7: I start with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Brown, Grey, B&W, and Black. This is the order I always follow, always have. It works for me for some reason, everything being in a color formation.)

I then organize the tops by sleeve length… You might be reading this going that’s a bit much, but it will honestly help you in the long run when looking for that perfect shirt on that particular day. (Tip #8: I start by hanging tube tops, spaghetti strap, wide width tanks, and then cap sleeves, short sleeves, cardigans, sweaters, and jackets.)


Step #5:

What else is in that closet of yours?? I keep all of my hand bags somehow in there with everything else. My mom gave me this great idea this season to put them all in a bin underneath where my tops hang, to create more space where they took up before. This is great because they are all tucked away but still easily used! Have I hit every inch of your closet yet?? If I haven’t, how big is your closet and what else are you keeping in there, skeletons?!?

I hope you feel some sort of relief knowing that, although these 4-5 steps seem like a whole lot, one day doing it, you’re done for at least three months! Yes, come summer, there will be some shifting and moving around needed, but the bigger transition is done, until next fall, yay! I also hope you find this to be an easy transition and helpful! I now know that I am in need of a maxi skirt this season as well as some more ballet flats and heels, but now I know what to shop for instead of buying yet another pair of jeans or a top I don’t have room for! I also have a nice full bag for good-will and my sister to look through, your welcome Allie. I also got rid of A TON of old shoes from years in college wearing the same old flats and wedges. I finally parted with the disgusting things and now am ready to find some new ones. This creates a clean, fresh start to a clean, fresh spring! I feel organized, and know exactly my personal inventory 🙂

Now I just need to spend some time on my accessories… but that will be another time and another post! Happy Spring Cleaning 🙂

Check out my Instagram page, @FashionNRae, for inspiration and my personal style. I post on the daily and link my photos to the PHOTOS page on this blog as well. Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with questions at fashionnrae@gmail.com for any advice! My closet’s always open, so feel free to browse 🙂

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