Men’s NYFW

Well…I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having fun checking out all the men this week…. In the new collections, duh! Fashion week is when the fashion gods come down from their design chairs and mingle with the normals of the world. It’s the best week to seek out new designers to watch, some designers making a come back, and fashionable celebrities that just like to get involved and well, be them! I’m not sure if it’s because the men’s fashion week isn’t as huge as the women’s, but it’s definitely underrated. I think that sometimes menswear is more interesting than womenswear. Maybe because most of the men wearing the clothes are gorgeous? Ehh that could be the reason, or not, but I sure enjoyed watching videos and seeing photos of some really great runway shows!

My favorite part is seeing who shows up to whose show. Which celebrity wants to be seen at a particular designers showcase. That to me is so interesting and I bet a PR person’s best/worst nightmare. Knowing a little insight on the PR world, it probably makes or breaks the event. But anyways, back to the fashions…..

The best show I saw was the Tommy Hilfiger RTW show which of course included many celebrities such as the gorgeous Eric Decker (not playing favorites although he is my man crush everyday of the week).

 Photo cred: Snapchat NYMFW story

Photo cred: @Jessiejamesdecker IG

Tommy Hilfigers RTW Fall 2016 collection is hitting the mark on his infamous preppy schoolboy meets athlete attire. I read an article that Women’s Wear Daily published with a quote from Hilfiger, explaining his vision for this collection perfectly:

“These are iconic essentials every man needs for his wardrobe, made relevant for today.” – Tommy Hilfiger

I think the key word he said is TODAY. Many designers have this issue. They want to stay “on brand” but not evolve as times are changing. This will eventually cause a decrease in their brand and loose the targeted consumer. Someone like Hilfiger, accepting that times are changing and that fashion is changing, shows that he wants to stay in this business for another 30+ years. He is iconic, yet understands the crazy, technological world we are all in and in order to stay relevant and be successful, evolving is the only option.

His presentation of “heritage classics for a new age”, how WWD said it, took a new stance on his prep looks. With his focus on details, Hilfiger incorporated regimental stripes throughout the collection, from suits to sneakers. The military influence allowed some interesting pieces that were incorporated into the collection, acting as statement pieces like the cropped shearling leather jacket.

 Photo cred:

Photo cred:

This is a perfect example of how a designer can keep himself within his brand but still reach the newest consumer, by exploring different influences and inspirations.

You can read more on the Tommy Hilfiger RTW Fall 2016 collection and other men’s fashion week articles here at!

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