Now this is coming from a shopaholic, and I don’t care what anyone else says, shopping IS in fact a sport and it’s MY sport!! I really take pride in finding the best deals, sales, bargains, etc. and also the occasional splurge I’ve been waiting to make for that really pretty handbag:) I enjoy shopping around for the perfect version of what I am looking for or finding an even better thing than what I intended for. There are many ways to shop the right way. Some already know, while others have never thought about it. Every person is a consumer. You should all know how to shop, specifically in the fashion world.

This Sunday afternoon, I was inspired to share some shopping tips due to the lack of merchandise in stores right now. I stopped in quick at a store, in need of some tops, and I realized that I just wasted my time driving all this way, in hopes of finding what I was looking for. Shopping 101: Know the time of year the fashion cycle is in. Not thinking, I forgot that right now, the transitional period in a season is occurring for majority of stores. That’s why was I so disappointed when I walked in and there was NOTHING to buy! It’s the WRONG time to buy. Believe it or not, there is a science in shopping. It can really change a person’s way of thinking and how they shop for the entire year. But me being a consumer, forgot the hidden secrets I have learned over the years of working retail and now being behind the scenes of some fashion brands. Fashion is always one step ahead of you, actually two steps. When us consumers want to buy clothes for fall come September, stores are already selling “holiday” or “resort.” And already have designed the spring collection. What are those you ask? Their are specific times of the year that most American brands follow and “roll out” their collections. I can go into further detail but I think I’d loose most of you… Point is, this is why when you go shopping, you can’t find what you are looking for, or worse…. it’s already been sold out:0 The science to shopping is crucial but not entirely heart wrenching to your wallets. In fact, I proved today that sometimes this can be beneficial.

I have a soft spot for Target. I go there for everything and almost every weekend for my toiletries, medicines, food, decor, and clothes. I have bought some great fines in the clothing department that most people look down upon. Let me tell you: it’s good quality, good prices, and on trend. I have pieces that have lasted longer from Target than other stores a lot shop at. Those are key factors in my wardrobe so personally, I love shopping at Target!

I am in Target today after being very discouraged from the previous store I was in and the lack of merchandise, and I see all these sale racks. That to me is like winning the jackpot. Of course I had to walk over and check out what’s been marked down. Well believe it or not, a lot of the items I have looked at within the last couple of weeks are now on the sale rack…. Conscience? No! Target is putting older merchandise on sale to get ready for the majority of spring collections to come in. It’s a science and every store does it around the same times. Well did I get lucky today! I bought about six items that I loved when I first saw them and just never bought. I’m happy I didn’t because not only did I get them for a lower price, but an additional percentage on the ticket! #winning. This to me is like winning a game. I succeeded today and came home with great stuff. Check out my great findings:

Some people have trouble shopping and I totally understand that and where it comes from. I happen to have a ton of experience doing it so it becomes second nature after a while ;).

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