Fashion Police

Apologizing would mean that one feels bad about something. Me being MIA, which I was, was for good reason. I became busy in the holiday season. That’s all. It’s hard to keep up with a want rather than a need and for that I apologize to myself. For this year, one of my many goals is to do what I love and make time for whatever it is. I am going to make time for this because it is something that I love and it shouldn’t be a requirement or a chore. I love to write and express myself through my eyes and of course in this industry, but I do work full-time and do get tired after a week’s worth of commuting. But an excuse is something that holds over my shoulders so NO MORE!

I may not post everyday or even every week, but just know that when I do post, it comes from an inspiring place or time in my life that I feel I need to express and share with all of you! Now to jump back into things, one of the many things I love is watching red carpet events. It is something my mom and I have done together for years and we sit there as the Fashion Police of the event. We are probably the most honest critiques you’ll meet, but fashions really a hit or miss in these types of situations. Either you got it or you don’t. Either you get on the best dressed, or the worst.

Last night was the 73rd annual Golden Globes and it was a very memorable night in terms of looks, some of them being more successful than others. The red carpet saw many jaw-dropping gowns, from sparkles, to ruffles and everything in between. That is what makes the red carpet event so exciting, you never know what to expect!

Many articles I read highlighted the best/worst dressed of the night voting Jennifer Lawrence as best dressed, and Jane Fonda as worst dressed. Although I don’t disagree, I think that they named the obvious and everyone else slips through the cracks, which is unfortunate. I for one dislike leaving people out, therefore, I want to break-down the top three and the bottom three looks of the night.


  1. Jennifer Lawrence in Dior


Starting with the best dressed, Jennifer Lawrence did indeed have one of the most ravishing looks on the red carpet. Everything from her up-do to the floor-length Dior gown, worked for her. This red hot cutout had everyone talking even more so after she won Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy in the film “Joy”. What I love about this look is that it’s an appropriate look for her age, showing a little bit of skin but also having the high neck-line topped with more than 156 carats of Chopard diamonds to complete this Hollywood glamour ensemble. Sophisticated and chic with a triple thumbs up 🙂

  1. Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Zuhair Murad Couture


Jenna Dewan-Tatum looked flawless in this celestial deep v-neck cut ball gown. The color made this dress stand out to the fullest, giving it a whimsical, yet breath-taking look. I absolutely loved this dress. She wore it so effortlessly, leaving you wanting more! Some might say she is lacking in jewels but I think the minimal look works with this overpowering fascinating Zuhair Murad Couture gown. Double thumbs up girl!

3. Brie Larson in Calvin Klein


This Calvin Klein little number was custom made for Brie Larson, Best Actress in a Drama for the film “Room.” This gold cutout gown made Larson the literal golden globe girl! I think what makes this look work is not only her figure looking amazing in this dress, but the minimal look again working in her favor. The very dramatic side part with her hair straight down made the focus more on the gown than anything else. Did you even notice her dangling earrings…? I bet you didn’t! Thumbs up to Larson!!


  1. Jane Fonda in Yves Saint Laurent


Not that I am anti YSL but really…this was too much for a small frame. The ruffles on this overpowered her entire look, distracting us viewers from her beautiful up-do and earrings. You don’t see anything else. The only way to put this is that this gown looks like it would be great for a circus performer. This was the wrong choice Fonda, wrong choice!! If only I had another thumb to make this three thumbs down.

  1. Kate Hudson in Michael Kors


Hmm, this one had me scratching my head a little bit. Kate Hudson in the past has looked flawless in ball gown dresses, and then this year she picks what looks like a two piece until she turned around and it was connected, but in the back. First off, this was the completely wrong color for her skin tone, washing her out. Second, she is too minimal, literally. There isn’t enough to the ensemble, her hair isn’t done and where are the jewels?? Third, although she has rock hard abs, that is all we got out of this outfit. It is boring with lack of inspiration. Easily two thumbs down, Hudson :/

  1. Natalie Dormer in J. Mendel


Well, this could have been saved but I don’t think it would have included that bizarre black collar that was just too much to ignore. I can’t explain if it’s the collar that is unsettling or the 80’s inspired drop shoulder neckline that I am not agreeing with. Regardless, none of it worked. The only plus to this J. Mendel gown is that there was a deep v-neck, keyhole-like opening that fit in with the rest of the neckline trends this year, but I don’t see any other positives, unfortunately. This is a definite thumb down, sorry Natalie!

Whether you agree with my choices or have created your own best/worst dressed from the 2016 Golden Globes, this is what award season is all about! I hope you find the pleasure in ranking looks as much as I do! Oh, and the awards given out are pretty cool too!

If you want to see more about what I am all about, check out my Instagram page, @FashionNRae, for inspiration and my personal style. I post on the daily and link my photos to the PHOTOS page on this blog as well. Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with questions at for any advice! My closet’s always open, so feel free to browse 🙂


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