What gets you in the right mindset in the morning? Is it a great cup of coffee? Or that new music playlist you made for your commute? Maybe it’s both, like mine, but what really sets the tone for my day is my outfit choice. Yes, you may be thinking, “how could an outfit really affect my day,” but in fact, I have proven to myself that if I don’t feel good in what I am wearing, the rest of my day goes downhill. It is all in the attitude and I think that the right outfit can make a person feel amazing.

Now I’m no expert by any means. I can only preach my own experiences and opinions. I think a lot of people believe fashion is nonessential, other than that you need clothes to cover up what would be illegal to show in public. I think people feel this way because they find that fashion is a burden in the morning, they don’t feel good in what they put on, and they simply don’t know how to wear what they own. These are all fixable situations that can be solved with a little time and knowledge on the subject.

For someone like me, those three things that were listed were never issues. It’s probably because I’ve been obsessed with picking out my outfits ever since I could remember. At age four, I was dressing Barbie for however I wanted her to look but then I’d walk away and never “play” with her.

Not only do I believe that fashion is crucial, but it’s unavoidable in everyone’s lives, so why fight it? Embrace it! Fashion shouldn’t scare you away; it should be a fun concept that allows a person to express their personality, mood, aura, etc. To me, fashion is a form of art. It shouldn’t be taken so seriously. It can be as dramatic, like the runway, or so simple, like a white tee and boyfriend jeans. The key is to find what you like and work with it.

I personally find that if you know of a certain garment or silhouette that works for you, is easy to wear, and makes you feel good, than forget the rest and stick to what you like. I think a lot of people get caught up in the trends aspect of fashion and if you aren’t “on trend,” then you should just give up and not try…but that isn’t the case! Trends are made to NOT last forever that is why they are called trends, because they are things that are changing over time; hence the word changing. Next season, something else will be ‘on trend’. My advice on trends is that you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by them. If anything, trends are created for the runways and are trickled down to the mass-produced stores such as H&M. This is actually called the Trickle-Down Theory. 

Finding the right trend for you is always a challenge that I happen to find extremely fun… while others may not agree. I always say that if you find one or two trends each season that work for you, than that’s plenty. The biggest issue that I have dealt with, who am I kidding, am still dealing with, is accepting the fact that I don’t have a money tree growing in my backyard and endless cash to splurge every season. This is a devastating, yet, very real concept that I have had to accept now that I work in NYC, and want every trend imaginable, but live on a budget.

This is when the high/low concept comes into play. Of course everyone wants to have the best version of a trend, or the most luxurious, but more than most can’t do it financially. Say you see a trend from the YSL runway collection. It’s a leopard fur coat that is out of this world. It’s not even up for discussion if you can afford it or not. But then you remember that you saw faux fur coats at T. J. Maxx. You go back and find a very similar coat to the YSL one for only $79.99… Boom, you just found yourself a top trend for an affordable price. Now you are “trendy.”


YSL Leopard Print Marmont Fur Coat – $21,500
Steve Madden Leopard Faux Fur Coat – $79.99


That’s the fun in fashion. Finding the best deals for your buck! Again, not every trend is going to be YOUR trend necessarily, but usually each season, there is always a little something for everyone whether it’s a faux fur coat, or an accessory piece, like a handbag. Never be afraid of the trends. They are your friends, just sometimes at ridiculous prices. Bargain hunting isn’t for everyone, so you don’t need to go out and physically hunt for them, but when you come across a good copy of a trend, don’t hesitate!

The power of the high/low is that it mixes great staple pieces with trendy pieces. Pieces that are expensive, like a classic school blazer, are worth splurging on, but the leopard coat… maybe not so much. All is relative and some might agree while others might not mind spending all their paychecks on clothes. It is all up to you, the consumer. I’m just here to help show that you don’t have to break the bank to look good. You don’t have to have all the money in the world to have style. It’s how you wear something that makes it look like a million bucks.

If you want to see how NOT to burn a hole in your wallet, check out my Instagram page, @FashionNRae, for inspiration and my personal style. I post on the daily and link my photos to the PHOTOS page on this blog as well. Feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me with questions at fashionnrae@gmail.com for any advice! My closet’s always open, so feel free to browse 🙂



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